The Ambassadors
Documentary / 57 Min / 2009 / Israel / Hebrew, English

Every year, tens of thousands of young Israelis travel abroad to fulfill a dream of hitting the jackpot – making a maximum amount of money in a minimum amount of time through aggressive sales jobs.
They travel to different counties around the world in order to work, often illegally. The film follows four characters during the most intensive sales period of pre-Christmas time in Huston, Texas, and Dublin, Ireland.
The lie-infused interaction with the local population, and especially the immense pressure to chase the money, causes the film’s main characters to feel extreme emotions. Are these young street salespeople Israel’s real ambassadors?

Director: Tal Agassi

Producer: Ilan Moskovitch, Avi Malka

Production Company: Impro Productions

Cinematographer: Tal Agassi

Editor: Reut Hann

Soundtrack Editor: Yosi Appelbaum

Original Soundtrack: Israel Bright

Supporter(s): The New Fund for Cinema and Television, Reshet, Noga Communications – Channel 8, HOT

Subtitles: Hebrew, English

Film Name in Hebrew: השגרירים