Rabin, the Last Day


On the evening of Saturday, November 4, 1995, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin is shot down at the end of a huge political rally in the center of Tel-Aviv. His killer apprehended at the scene turns out to be a 25-year-old Jewish observant. Investigation into this brutal murder reveals a dark and frightening world that made this tragic deed possible. This tribute to Nobel Peace Prize winner Yitzhak Rabin on the 20th anniversary of his death sheds light on an ever-growing crisis of hate in Israeli society today. Amos Gitai masterfully combines staged re-enactments with actual news footage of the shooting and its aftermath to create a thought-provoking political thriller.

international title: Rabin, The Last Day
original title: Rabin, The Last Day
country: Israel, France
sales agent: Indie Sales
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Amos Gitai
film run: 153′
screenplay: Marie-José Sanselme, Amos Gitai
cast: Ischac Hiskiya, Pini Mitelman, Michael Warshaviak, Einat Weizman, Rotem Keinan, Yogev Yefet, Yaël Abecassis
production: LGM Cinéma, Les Films du Worso, Orange Studio, AGAV Films (IL)
distributor: Le Pacte

Yitzhak Hiskiya Head of the Commission
Pini Mittelman Commission Member
Michael Warshaviak Commission Member
Einat Weizman Commission Lawyer (Woman)
Yogev Yefet Rabin’s Assassin
Tomer Sisley Rabin’s Driver
Ronen Keinan Commission Lawyer (Man)
Tomer Russo Hospital Director
Uri Gottlieb Attorney General
Ruti Asarsai Police Spokewoman
Dalia Shimko Psychiatrist
Gdalya Besser Police Officer
Odelia More Teacher
Eldad Prywes Rabin’s Bodyguard
Shalom Shmuelov Intelligence Officer
Mali Levi Journalist (Woman)
Liron Levo Soldier
Yona Rosenkier Rally Participant
Yael Abecassis Interviewer
and Shimon Peres

Directed by Amos Gitai
Screenplay by Amos Gitai, Marie-José Sanselme
Cinematography Eric Gautier
Casting Ilan Moscovitch
Editor Yuval Orr, Tahel Sofer, Isabelle Ingold
Production design Miguel Merkin
Sound design Alex Claude
Music Amit Poznansky
Sound Nir Alon
Costumes Dany Bar Shay
Hair & make-up Ziv Katanov
Line producers Gadi Levy, Shuki Friedman, Benoît Quainon
Research Rivka Markovitzky Gitai