Words with Gods

2014 Mexico, United States 135 min N-13

“Words with Gods” features nine powerful stories of faith, created by some of the world’s most celebrated filmmakers. Based on a concept by Guillermo Arriaga and arranged in the present order by Nobel Prize-winning Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa the film’s nine segments present different perspectives on this distinctly human phenomenon. A dramatic spectrum of beliefs are represented, with each filmmaker speaking about the one closest to the culture they depict in their story: Warwick Thornton deals with Aboriginal Spirituality, Héctor Babenco with Umbanda, Mira Nair with Hinduism, Hideo Nakata with Shinto Buddhism, Amos Gitai with Judaism, Álex de la Iglesia with Catholicism, Emir Kusturica with Orthodox Christianity, Bahman Ghobadi with Islam and Guillermo Arriaga with Atheism. The film is a panoramic global story that confronts birth & death, fateful choices and faith lost & found.

About Directors

Warwick Thornton (b. 1970 in Alice Springs, Australia), Hector Babenco (b. 1946 in Mar del Plata, Argentina), Mira Nair (b. 1957 in Bhubaneshwar, India), Hideo Nakata (b. 1961 in Okayama, Japan), Amos Gitai (b. 1950 in Haifa, Israel), Alex de la Iglesia (b. 1965 in Bilbao, Spain), Emir Kusturica (b. 1954 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Bahman Ghobadi (b. 1969 in Baneh, Iran), Guillermo Arriaga (b. 1958 in Mexico City, Mexico).