Lean neelam Moshe Ivgy

90 min Comedy, Crime
All things considered, “לאן נעלם משה איבגי?  Is a stylish crime comedy telling the story of three characters on the margins of society and how their stories intersect on a peculier crossroad. From the point of this intersection on they must depend on each other as they follow their dreams. Adam  is an unemployed actor, who encounters  movie star, Moshe Ivgi, and sees in this chance “meeting” an opportunity to change the dismal condition of his career. Shir  is the best football player ever to come out of her town. In just two days will be the big final game and she  must lead the team to victory. But everyone knows that at the moment of truth she always wets her pants. Victor is a criminal just  released from prison today. He decided to pack up the  millions that he and his  lover, Lena, get away and make  fresh start somewhere  far away.
This would seem to be a great idea until figures from the past appear and force a change of  plans.
Football, fame, money crime, and lots of absurd situations make this a delightful mash up.
Director: Avi Malka
Writers: Nadav Enzilevitch, Yossi Tal Tayeb
Assaf Abramovic – Berger
Amitai Ashkenazi – Victor
Oren Balanga – Adam Fux
Ifat Beressi – Shir Aviv
Shula Chen – Berta actors agent
Esti Daniel – Audition girl
Rachel Doron – Matilda
Vladimir Dziakevich – Court towing inspector
Maayan Eliasi – Ninnet
Niso Hananel – Haziza
Moshe Ivgy – Himself
Yana Kamilov – Casting Director
Bosmat Kissos – Receptionist
Liat Latovich – Lena
Alon Neuman – Kopperfield
Director: Avi Malka
Writers: Nadav Enzilevitch | Yossi Tal Tayeb
Producers: Avi Malka | Ilan Moscovitch
Composer: Uri Schlezinger
Cinematographer: Alon Grego
Editor: Omer Reis